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Registration & Admission

We have provided custom-able automated admission process enabling effective use of administration.


Student Information System

Real time update for registering students in courses, documenting grading, results of student tests and other assessment scores, building student schedules, tracking student attendance.


Examination & Evaluation

Powerful but intuitive interfaces make it easy for schools to provide test candidates with secure, reliable, and professional online tests.


Result Management System

Easy access to student exam result and detection of cheating. Furthermore, it comprises of flexible GPA as well as grading system calculator, to ease report card generation and declaration.


External Services System

We aim to bridge gap among various educators and allow the institute to share their knowledge with a bigger audience.


Classroom System

Human touch is inevitable but could be technologically enhanced in any education system. We respect this fact and provide not only video conference.


Time Table and Attendance System

An attendance system is incomplete without its reference to specific time table. We understand this need and have prepared an easy to create time table which feeds into our attendance system.


Library Management System

References and Good books are essential for any education system. There by we provide free library management tool which supports E-books.


Fee Management System

We understand the challenges schools do face in manual administration of fees and have provided every platform to mitigate this effort.


Website Management Console

Aim support education management system was developed with a specific objective which is to observe individual client institute as a confidential.


Human Resource Management

It focuses on maximizing employee productivity and management allowing authorized principal to maintain the record and delegate specific jobs among selected individuals.

Why Us?


Cloud based

Cloud based

Get immediate access to real-time mentoring intelligence, with instant marking and management reports and easy accessibility of our system.



Secured Data Management

Our online system is secured and reliable, our system uses encryption technology to authenticate users, administrators, pupils and auditors into the site and you are rest assured of our hack-resistant systems.


Easy Customization

Easy Customizations and Flexibility

We are aware each institute has its own Policy and thereby, they appreciate our education system, which help them implement their policies and specific workflows into practice.


Quick Implementation

Quick Implementation

The system will be activated within few hours and free Hyper-care assistance during the deployment phase.


Pay As You Use

Pay As You Use

An economical, efficient and effective way for payments, to ensure proper budgeting and operations of the education institute in hand with the technology provided by us.


Technical Support

Technical Support

User friendly 24X7 technical supports. We are among the very few who provide Hyper-care support during the deployment phase and continue to provide prompt responses to our customers.


Quick Implementation

Technologically Advance

There are many features which give us competitive edge over our competitors and in return help enhance your Institute’s image by leveraging modern, up to date assessment technology.


Pay As You Use

Ability To Grow

Our system allows external services like partnering with professional certifications courses, conduct webinar for external student and many more.


Technical Support

User Friendly

Our Solution is very User-friendly. A person having little knowledge of Computers can start using it very easily.

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AIM Support is poised to supporting and providing privileges throughout the globe, our ultimate goal is to spread development and literacy so as to enhance self sufficiency.

We run programs and services to enhance advancement of technology and developments, as an organization based in the UK we support charities and young talents around the world. We understand that today’s economical needs do affect the development of talents and could contribute to a short-fall of intelligence, we are challenged to working towards limiting this economical barriers by extending our support where necessary.

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