AIM Support is poised to supporting and providing privileges throughout the globe, our ultimate goal is to spread development and literacy so as to enhance self-sufficiency. We run program and services to enhance advancement of technology and developments, as an organization based in the UK we support charities and young talents around the world. We understand that today’s economic needs do affect the development of talents and could contribute to a short-fall of intelligence; we are challenged to working towards limiting this economical barriers by extending our support where necessary.

To help provide affordable and reliable IT services and solutions for education sector across globe.

Our vision is to bridge gap between educator and students to promote efficient and quality education.

Our Education Management System is a complete one stop solution for all Education institutes operations. It includes GPA calculation, Time table, Attendance, School Library with an option to buy e-books. Moreover it allows the school to take online Lectures and Meetings. The system has enabled CRM tool for survey forms to keep track of Students and parents expectation.

We understand that every business whether small, developing, mid-sized or huge has its own value. We want to support them all by offering services suitable for them through our service- focused principles and customizable plug-in’s.