Registration & Admission

We have provided customable automated admission process enabling effective use of administration. Further, we ensure every section has direct access to real-time data provisioning and usage and providing a convenient platform for student thereby encouraging them in their various location to patronize your school.


Student Information System

Real time update for registering students in courses, documenting grading, results of student tests and other assessment scores, building student schedules, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in the school.


Examination & Evaluation

Powerful but intuitive interfaces make it easy for schools to provide test candidates with secure, reliable, and professional online tests. We are proud and can safely boast that we have the best online exam/test with automated security system monitors the fairness of the exam – preventing and detecting any form of impersonation and anomalies.


Result Management System

Easy access to student exam result and detection of cheating. Furthermore, it comprises of flexible GPA as well as grading system calculator, to ease report card generation and declaration.


External Services System

We aim to bridge gap among various educators and allow the institute to share their knowledge with a bigger audience.


Classroom System

Human touch is inevitable but could be technologically enhanced in any education system. We respect this fact and provide not only video conference but more, keeping in mind the exclusive usability for students and educators.


Time Table and Attendance System

An attendance system is incomplete without its reference to specific time table. We understand this need and have prepared an easy to create time table which feeds into our attendance system.


Library Management System

References and Good books are essential for any education system. There by we provide free library management tool which supports E-books and can be integrated with E-libraries across the globe.


Fee Management System

We understand the challenges schools do face in manual administration of fees and have provided every platform to mitigate this effort and ensure easy fees administration from admission fees ,course fee, e-library fees to actual tuition fees have been automated in a systematic way to ensure adequate remission of fees by students when required and maintain confidence in their relationship with the institute


Website Management Console

Aim support education management system was developed with a specific objective which is to observe individual client institute as a confidential and prestigious cooperate institute thereby our development followed suit to ensure and provide the ability of one click system integration within a third parties official site with the aim of protecting clients image and enhancing clients brand.


Human Resource Management

It focusses on maximizing employee productivity and management allowing authorized principal to maintain the record and delegate specific jobs among selected individuals.